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Corporate Overview

   “Maneesh” Pharmaceuticals evolved from a small trading activity in 1975 to a highly sophisticated brand of quality and affordable healthcare today. “Maneesh” Pharmaceuticals is the fastest multiplying pharmaceutical company in India. With its command center located in Mumbai, the financial capital of India, “Maneesh” Pharmaceuticals is a blend of Quality Manufacturing, Domestic and International Marketing besides Research and Development activities for conventional therapies and novel drugs. “Maneesh” Pharmaceuticals is one of the very few companies which are able to provide significant additional product security due to the fact that the entire specialized facilities are dedicated to the same therapeutic group of products. Maneesh Pharmaceuticals is a dependable name amidst doctors and patients all over. Certified by SGS Ltd (UK) for ISO9001:2000, “Maneesh” Pharmaceuticals ranks in the top 50 manufacturing companies in the Indian market of more than 8000 companies, 1,50,000 brands and 3,30,000 product packing competing for a share in the $2600 million market.

   “Maneesh” Pharmaceuticals is expanding globally through joint ventures and subsidiaries in more than 70 countries across Africa, South America, Europe, Middle East, and the Asian Continents. “Maneesh” Pharmaceuticals has a very strong marketing presence in the Indian market through its two marketing arms, Svizera Healthcare and Maneesh Healthcare. Both these Divisions together have a strong fleet of over 1000 medical representatives, aiding more than 2 lakh doctors through a network of 1500 authorized distributors. “Maneesh” Pharmaceuticals has a focus on Quality Manufacturing products for critical therapeutic areas like Anti TB, Anti Malarial, Antibiotics, Pain Management, Infertility and Gynecology. After the acquisition of Sigma Laboratories Ltd in 2003 which is now known as Svizera Healthcare, “Maneesh” Pharmaceuticals has recently obtained Pure Health Products Pvt.Ltd and has merged with Maneesh Healthcare. Over a period, “Maneesh” Pharmaceuticals is constantly striving in the field of research and has developed innovative products which are marketed by some leading pharmaceuticals in India and abroad.

   “Maneesh” Pharmaceuticals pioneered in the revolutionary concept of providing the 4 first line Anti TB drugs together in granular form, packed in a Single Dose Sachet through its Globally registered brand SVIZERA. This Novel Drug Delivery system is awaiting global patent. “Maneesh” Pharmaceuticals is one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of anti TB drugs globally. “Maneesh” Pharmaceuticals is simultaneously focusing mainly on its penetration in Indian market and a simultaneous application of research and discovery of better drugs.


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