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Research & Development

“Maneesh” Pharmaceuticals initiated its R & D activities way back in 1992. The activity was initiated by development of new products for marketing to other pharmaceutical companies such as Serum institute of India for gynecology products, Pure health products for general formulations, H & H pharmaceutica for dermatological products and Emcure pharmaceuticals for antibiotics. In 2003, a unique combination of Amoxycillin clavulanate with Lactic acid bacillus was successfully formulated for the first time in the world by “Maneesh” Pharmaceuticals and the marketing of the same is being done by Zuventus healthcare Ltd. Moreover seven new dermatology products were introduced in 2004-05 and all are being promoted by H & H pharmaceutica. Many such formulations are in process of research and will be launched in coming two years. These will also be patented in India and USA.

The Fixed Dose Combination in tablet formulations are approved by WHO- GDF for its STOP TB initiative.

Another breakthrough in the treatment of Tuberculosis was also achieved when “Maneesh” Pharmaceuticals pioneered for the first time, SCC-4 a four drug Fixed dose combination in granular form, available in a single dose sachet. This is a Novel drug formulations designed for the fresh cases of TB keeping in mind the noncompliance to the tablet treatment. The product is available in all the dosage forms recommended by latest WHO guidelines for a short course chemotherapy. This formulations was tested through multicentric Clinical trials. The Bioavailability and Bioequivalence is certified by NIPER and is now awaiting its patent.
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