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TO: ALL Field Colleagues,


At an outset of year 2006, I thought of sharing my thoughts with you yet another time. In my earlier communication I had shared my thoughts, vision and my expectations about our company. In the referred communication, I had specified that I would not spare any efforts from my side to bring in requisite resources and innovative business strategies to make our company stronger, richer and robust to meet market challenges.

By merger of Pure Health we have already multiplied our business strength and market share. I am already anticipating a good growth and trend in our line of business. I take this opportunity to CONGRATULATE all of you for all the hard work and effort put in by you. Our dreams/vision would come true only if we make sincere and dedicated efforts with innovative ideas and strategies. Let me reiterate here that, you are the important and integral member of this journey to success.

Encouraged by this success and motivated by your support we are poised ourselves for yet another big step forward to bring yet another feather in our cap. Here, I am pleased to announce that we will start the CO MARKETING and DISTRIBUTION of KOPRAN OTC range of products – leading OTC brand in India – ‘SMYLE' . The Product Range includes Mouth Ulcer Gel, Sore Throat Reliever, Herbal Toothpaste, Vaporub, Throat Drops, Prickly Heat Powder and many more.

All these Products would be with us for distribution from January 2006 onward. I am confident that with the retail coverage that your stockist and we have in the market these products would soon be available in every chemist outlets across the country.

I would like to mention here that as per the Market Research conducted SMYLE range of products are a household name with the consumers specially the products like the Mouth Ulcer Gel, Sore Throat Reliever and Herbal Toothpaste. The Brand SMYLE has 95% unaided recall with the customers. SMYLE products would be actively promoted through mainline media like Television, Press, Radio and others.

I am confident that you would leave no stone unturned to ensure full chemist coverage for SMYLE range of products and all your efforts would lead to enhancing the image and goodwill of our company in the market. I solicit your wholehearted support and dedicated contribution to achieve the desired business plans and goals.


Best regards,

Sincerely yours,

Vinay Sapte
Managing Director


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