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USPs of the brand

  • Internationally acclaimed clinically proven brand in terms of safety and efficacy
  • Available in more than 12 countries worldwide
  • Consumed by more than 1 million women around the world
  • First time in India
  • 100% natural product from soybean and not soy-protein
  • Acts through medically proven strategy to counter Menopause and osteoporosis
  • Devoid of side effects because of a breakthrough enzymatic process – a result of 15 years of dedicated R& D.
  • Devoid of any harsh chemicals, preservatives, flavours , colourants ,additives , organic solvents or isolation procedures

The Pack

The sales pack is of 10 capsules . 6 strips are placed in one mono-carton i.e a month's course.

The Target Segment

Spreading awareness in the potential end consumer segment, which comprises of Middle and Upper Middle Class women suffering or can suffer from menopause and related diseases like Osteoporosis? It offers a combined solution for menopause and bone health and has proven its efficacy and safety around the world.

This is a new generation solution and scores over the highly controversial Hormone Therapy in terms of safety.

Today hormone therapy is now established to increase the risk of breast and uterine cancer , and strokes.


Product description: A dietary supplement for menopause and bone health

Therapeutic category: Phyto- SERM

Medical Rationale: SPARES THE BREAST AND THE UTERUS AND WORKS SELECTIVELY ON THE BONE ( increase BMD )AND BRAIN ( Relieves menopausal symptoms)

Mechanism of action: selective estrogen receptor stimulator on the brain and bone –estrogen receptors ( hence works on the all the climacteric symptoms) and antagonist at estrogen receptors at breast and uterus estrogen receptors ( hence highly safe )

Efficacy and safety data: (attached separately – as the documentation is huge)

Dosage and Administration: 1 capsule twice daily with or without food

Contraindications: No known contraindications

Side effects: No serious side effects are reported in therapeutic dosages

Drug Interactions: No known drug interaction.

Manufacturing Information: Se-cure Pharmaceuticals Ltd. is an Israel based research-driven pharmaceutical company. The manufacturing facilities of Se-cure uphold the rigorous standards of pharmaceutical cGMPs, ISO 9001:2000, and BVQI (the European ISO).

Availability: Femarelle™ is now available for purchase in INDIA . Femarelle is marketed by ‘SVIZERA Healthcare', A Division of Maneesh Pharmaceuticals Ltd. in INDIA You can purchase the product at the retail Chemist counters across the country.



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