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        Each Surecal Capsule contains : Calcitriol BP 0.25 mcg, Calcium Carbonate IP 500 (eq. To elemental calcium 200 mg) Zinc (as Zinc Sulphate dried) 7.5 mg
Each 5 ml Surecal suspension contains: 625 mg of Calcium Carbonate from an organic source (oyster shell) equivalent to Elemental Calcium 250 mg, Magnesium Hydroxide I.P. 180 mg equivalent to Elemental Magnesium 75 mg, Zinc Gluconate U.S.P. 14 mg equivalent to elemental Zinc 2mg,Vitamin D3 IP 200 IU
        Therapeutic Indications & Usage
        Osteoporosis, Osteomalacia, Hypocalcemia,Vit D dependent rickets, Hypo-parathyroidism
        Surecal is contraindicated in those hypersensitive to its ingredients, hypercalcemia & hypercalciuria(e.g., in hyperparathyroidism, decalcifying tumors such as plasmocytoma, bone metastases), severe renal or cardiac diseases like ventricular fibrillation. Surecal must be advocated with caution in renal impairment, or diseases associated with hypercalcemia such as sarcoidosis and some malignancies.
        Adverse Reactions
        Hypersensitivity reactions could occur due to the ingredients in Surecal. Calcium carbonate (in Surecal) can occasionally cause constipation and flatulence; high doses or prolonged use may lead to gastric hypersecretion and acid rebound. Alkalosis and rarely, milk-alkali syndrome and tissue calcification may occur due to calcium carbonate (Surecal).
        Drug Interactions:
        Hypercalcemia can occur if Surecal is given with thiazides. The ionotropic and toxic effects of cardiac glycosides and calcium (in Surecal) Surecal ergistic and arrhythmias may occur if these drugs are given together. Calcium reduces the absorption of many drugs such as tetracyclines, bisphosphonates, fluorides, and some quinolones; hence, Surecal must ideally be advocated along with these agents at least 3 hours apart. Surecal must be advocated cautiously along with carbamazepine, phenobarbital, phenytoin, primidone, rifampicin and isoniazid.
        Recommended Dosage & Administration

1-3 Surecal capsules daily in divided doses, or as prescribed.

6-12 years: 1-2 Surecal capsules / 1-2 tsf Surecal susp once or twice daily, or as prescribed.
3 months-6 years: 1-2 tsf Surecal Suspension daily, or as prescribed.
<3 months: 1 tsf Surecal Suspension daily, or as prescribed.
        SURECAL Capsules-Blister of 10
SURECAL suspension- Bottles of 200ml


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