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        VITEXID Plus Capsule
Each hard gelatin Vitexid PLUS capsule contains : Methylcobalamin 1500 mcg, Alpha lipoic acid USP 100 mg, Pyridoxine Hydtrochloride IP 3mg, Folic Acid IP 1.5mg, Excipients Q.S.
        VITEXID Syrup
Each 5ml Vitexid syrup contains: Cyanocobalamin IP 1 mcg, Biotin BP 15mcg, Pyridoxine hydrochloride 1mg,Nicotinamide IP 15 mg,Selenomethionine eqivalent to elemental selenium USP 15mcg,Lysine hydrochloride BP 325 mg, Copper sulphate pentahydrate equivalent to elemental copper BP 0.5mg, Manganese Sulphate equivalent to Elemental manganese 1 mg, Zinc Sulphate monohydrate equivalent to elemental zinc IP 5mg
        Therapeutic Indications & Usage

For Vitexid Plus capsule
Arthritis,Osteoporosis,Peripheral nerve disorder in orthopaedics,Postoperative convalescence.

        For Vitexid syrup
General weakness & debility,Vitamin & mineral deficiency states,for recovery from surgery & sports injury
        Vitexid tablets/Vitexid syrup is contraindicated in those hypersensitive to its ingredients.
        Recommended Dosage & Administration
        Once a day capsule/1 tsp once a day or as per Physician's direction.'
        VITEXID plus capsule- Blister of 10
VITEXID Syrup-----Bottle of 200ml


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