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        Each sachet contain Cholecalciferol 60000 I.U
        Therapeutic Indications & Usage
        Osteomalacia, Rickets, myopathy, RTI in children, Hyperparathyrodism, Cardiovascular risk factor, Diabetes
        MTN D3 is contraindicated in hypercalcaemia & for vitamin D toxicity.
        Adverse Reactions :
        Excessive intake may lead to development of hyperphosphataemia or hypercalcaemia. Special precaution for Infants, renal impairment or calculi, heart disease ,in pregnancy & lactation . Monitor plasma phosphate & calcium level.
        Drug Interactions :
        Increased risk of hypercalcaemia if given with thiazide diuretics, calcium or phosphate. Antiepileptics (e.g. carbamazepine, phenobarbitone, phenytoin & primidone) may increase vitamin D requirements. Rifampicin & isoniazid may reduce efficacy of vitamin D. Corticosteroids may counteract the effect of vitamin D. Digoxin or any cardiac glycoside. Reduced absorption when taken with cholestyramine, colestipol, mineral oil, orlistat. Ketoconazole.
        Recommended Dosage & Administration
        Osteomalacia: 1 sachet per week for 6 days along with calcium
Rickets: 1 sachet daily for 10 days;may be repeated after 6 weeks depending upon the response.
Myopathy: 1 sachet per week for 8 week followed by 1 sachet per month for 4 month
RTI in children: 1 sachet per week for 6 weeks
Hyperparathyrodism:1 sachet per week for 8 weeks
Cardiovascular risk factor: 1 sachet per week for 6 weeks
Diabetes: 1 sachet per week for 6 weeks
        Sachet of Cholecalciferol Granules 60000 I.U.


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