The CSR initiative at Maneesh Pharmaceuticals supports and contributes to the following

Clean Energy Initiative

Manufacturing companies are some of the largest consumers of energy in the world and the choices they make impact our health, environment and the economy. Adoption of environment friendly technologies is therefore a critical need for a sustainable tomorrow.

Maneesh Pharmaceuticals has taken the lead by setting up one of the largest Solar Rooftop installations in their manufacturing facility in Mumbai. This solar plant now provides the office with nearly 40% of its energy needs saving precious fuel and reducing harmful emissions. As solar energy is completely natural it does not disrupt the environment or harm the eco-system like traditional fossil fuels.

We will continue to look for further opportunities to apply sustainable technology and significantly reduce our carbon footprint in the future as well.

Health Care - Ashram for healthcare of marginalized persons.

This organization was established with the intention of treating leprosy patients and for society afflicted by mental leprosy. What began as an attempt to provide holistic healthcare to the people affected by leprosy, has today, expanded into a large-scale project providing healthcare to all the marginalized sections of society.

Women Empowerment - Organization for support of women and children

This organization provides support for women and children affected by poverty and the commercial sex industry. Their goals are to fight HIV/AIDs infections, end human trafficking and improve education for deprived children. They campaign for justice and to bring rescue, rights and rehabilitation to those that need it.

We strongly identify with their motto, "every woman and child should have the right to a life free from inequality, cruelty and discrimination."

Socio-spiritual Corporate Responsibility - Cultural and spiritual activities

The Trust runs many cultural and spiritual activities for uniting the people from diverse backgrounds and promotes inner peace and self-awareness.

The trust also helps preserve our cultural heritage and ensures knowledge and skills are transmitted through it from one generation to the next.

Socio-spiritual Corporate Responsibility - International organization for networking and social work.

It is an organization in which people from all continents and cultures come together to exchange ideas, and form friendships and professional connections while making a difference in their backyards and around the world.

Child Welfare & Education - Free residential institution for children

It is West Bengal's largest free residential institution for children from destitute background with 1700 residential boys and girls. These children are provided with food, shelter and education and are protected from exploitation and cruelty.

It also operates in 9 locations in the state of Madhya Pradesh, providing much needed nutrition and education to children from impoverished backgrounds. The work helps to reduce the incidence of horrific malnutrition among children, especially those from the tribal areas.

Child Welfare & Education - Developmental organization for poor and needy slum children

This organization works to provide developmental opportunities to poor and needy slum children, with emphasis on young girls. They provide them with quality education and impart life skills, so as to explore and develop their hidden talents and capacities.

These critical skills help then secure a livelihood and lead productive and fruitful lives with self-esteem and self-dignity and rise above the narrow consideration of caste creed, community religion or language and to build a strong nation.